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Home Movies 100

Home Movies 100

Home Movies100 honours the amateur cinema, a hundred years after its birth, making it flourish in a digital project that gives great stage to the archive of the "short century" of cinema.

"Almanac" is one of the two methods used to make this project live: in a very innovative way, the collective experience it is told and reconnected to today, through the daily publication of films or archive extracts that were shot on the very same day during the "short century" of cinema.

"Small format stories", on the other hand, dwells on the sharp increase in amateur film productions resulting from the arrival of light cameras in the market. Through the Stories and the Archive, anyone can enjoy the researches, analysis, and interviews carried out to bring back those moments.

Inmagik looked after the database creation and the site backoffice, creating a totally customized environment for content creation and management. In addition, it developed the frontend, focusing on the optimization of the media making the site extremely fast even with the large amount of material that this archive offers.

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